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Is Tullamarine one of the best airports in the world? Or worst?

sign at terminalTullamarine Airport is the major international and domestic airport serving the 25 to 30 million passengers every year in Melbourne. It is the second busiest airport in Australia and the third in the Asia Pacific region. Melbourne airport has the facilities to provide most of the needs of travelers. There’s unlimited WIFI access, internet kiosks and quality hotels including Holiday Inn, Park Royal, Mantra and Best Western. There are shower rooms, luggage storage and lockers, pharmacy, food and beverage concessions, a golf club and more to serve guests and transit passengers.

Melbourne Airport has received many awards in the past years. It was recognized as one of the top five best airports in the world in 1997 and 1998 by the International Air Transport Association. It was ranked among the top 10 airports in the world from 1996 to 2000 by the Business Traveler Magazine and the Airports Council International. In 2012, it was ranked 43rd in the world’s top 100 airports by the World Airport Awards.

Are all these awards enough proof to say that Tullamarine is one of the best airports in the world? Well, an annual report on airport performance says otherwise. According to the 2013-2014 report, Melbourne Airport is in the same status with Perth Airport in getting the lowest ranking when it comes to customer and airline service quality.

With the increase in the volume of travelers accessing Melbourne Airport as well as the increase in revenue, it is disappointing to note the decline in the quality of customer service. Many passengers are complaining about the long queues, the poor check-in services and aerobridge standards in some terminals. Landside services including pick-up and drop-off facilities also lack the necessary improvements.

All people know that the Melbourne Airport Parking collects sky high airport parking fees, but why scrimp on services. One customer mentioned in a forum that he parked his car in the multi-level car long term parking facility, but found no single trolley in the area for his luggage. Many travellers are choosing instead to use the cheaper privately run off site airport parking options close to the airport.

Despite these concerns, Tullamarine still got a “satisfactory” overall rating for airport services. Chris Woodruff, Chief Executive of Melbourne Airport, acknowledged this but expressed the need for improvements as well. He mentioned that work is underway to expand the airport’s capacity and to better the quality of services.

Tullamarine is a very big airport servicing millions of passengers every year. It’s understandable that lapses in services happen sometimes particularly during peak travel seasons. It is good to know that the airport administration is doing something to improve the experience of guests and travelers. However with the issue of long term parking at the airport itself, we doubt whether the high costs will ever change.

Park, Bus or Taxi? What is the cheapest way to get to Tullamarine?

For frequent travelers in Melbourne, it is important to know the cost of getting to the Tullamarine Airport. Is it cheaper to drive and park your car, take a bus ride or get a taxi? This short article answers this basic question to serve as a handy guide for travelers.

qantasHiring a taxi from the CBD to the airport is about $50 to $60. A taxi can accommodate up to four people and the travel time ranges from 20 to 30 minutes. Riding the SkyBus, which is the primary Tullamarine airport shuttle bus to and from the CBD, is cheaper than taking a taxi, that is, if you’re traveling alone or there’s just two of you. The fare costs $18 for adults and $9 for youngsters (4-16 years old). There’s an additional $2 off each adult fare for groups of four people. The travel time is longer at 25 to 40 minutes. But if the passenger is able to set aside ample travel time, then it’s not really a big issue.

Other airport shuttle bus services are available as well, such as the Greenbus, which costs $14 per person, and the Starbus, which costs $18 to $25 depending on the pick-up point. However, the drop-off point at the airport might be a little farther from the terminal.

The last option which is probably the most convenient for car owners is to drive and park. However, it may not be the cheapest option. Aside from the cost of gas, an additional expense is the cost of parking.

If a family member or a friend will simply drop you off, then there’s no additional cost. But if he will be staying and parking the car for a while, it will cost $14 per hour.

If you’re personally driving and will be parking your car in the on-site melbourne airport parking facilities at the airport itself, the cost is $57 per day and $125 for 3 days in the short-term car park. For a cheaper option, use the long term airport car park and pay only $39 per day or $69 for 3 days. Or for further cheaper options try airport parking melbourne options in privately operated car parks near the airport.

Now, it’s better to book for car parking online, so you can further cut costs at 50 percent. Also, you won’t have to deal with the difficulty of finding a parking space especially during the peak holiday season.

If you can look for alternative off-site airport parking and get there early to have adequate time for airport shuttle transfers, then you can save even more.

As you can see, there are several options of getting to the Tullamarine airport. It’s up to you to choose one that can fit your time and budget.

Top 10 travel tips for business and holiday trips

Buying a ticket and booking a hotel accommodation are the easiest things to do when getting ready for a business or holiday trip. Besides these, a person needs to take care of some things to make his trip worry and stress-free.

plane leavingLet me share with you 10 travel tips that could spare you a lot of headache and save you some cash as well. People often tend to neglect these travel essentials and actually feel sorry for doing so. So, it is wise to take these into account before you leave Melbourne to go on your next trip. Before you do anything though, the best way to start your trip is to make sure you have your melbourne airport parking covered. Simply use our facility near the airport and save time and money and have peace of mind during your trip knowing your car is safe.

The first three tips deal with what you need to pack for your travel.

1. Pack basic toiletries and a change of clothes in your carry-on bag. In case you lose your checked-in luggage at the airport, you have what you need for at least a day.

2. When packing, it is better to roll your clothes. This helps fit in more stuff into your suitcase and you get to keep creases to a minimum.

3. Keep your travel documents organized in a folder or envelope. This helps you to find them easily when you need them at the airport check-in.

The next three tips are about some things you should know regarding your destination. Take time to ask other people about it or search online for more information.

4. Know your destination’s climate and updated weather forecast. You need to know this so you can bring the appropriate type of clothes to wear.

5. Find out which public transport is available that can help you better explore the place. Instead of riding a taxi, use the downtown bus or the public rail system to save on your transportation expense.

6. Learn a little bit of the local language. Learn to say hi, thank you, good morning and other common phrases. If you can bring a pocket-size language dictionary, it can help with communication, too.

Travel tips 7 to 9 are reminders of what to do to keep your valuables safe while you’re away on your trip.

7. Get a secure airport parking. You don’t want to come back to find a broken window or a dented car, right? You can choose to park at the on-site Melbourne airport parking, but be sure to get prior reservation especially during the holidays when the car park is full. That way, you also get a discounted parking fee. If you want to save even more, then make arrangements to park on an off-site long term melbourne airport parking facility.

8. If you have a pet, make early arrangements to leave it with the local kennel. During the holidays, some kennels don’t accept any more pets, because too many people are going away and leaving their pets.

9. Let your family know that you are leaving, so they could keep an eye on your house. Register your travel plans with Australia’s Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, so it would be easy to find you during emergencies.

The last travel tip is very important because it involves your money.

10. Make sure you have enough cash in your wallet, but don’t keep everything there. Find other places to hide your cash. Also, make sure that you notify your bank or credit card company that you’re on holiday, especially if out of the country. You don’t want them freezing your account just because they think that there’s been unauthorized use from another location.

The Effects on Airport Car Parking If a City Rail Link Becomes a Reality

Melburnians have been asking, “When will the Tullamarine airport rail link become a reality?” It’s been decades since its first proposal and many people are critical of its very little progress.

Last 2014, Premier Denis Napthine said he is pushing for the construction of the rail link. This gave the people a ray of hope that someday there will be a more convenient means to travel to and from the Melbourne airport.

So, what is the reason behind the eager expectation of this project’s completion? What effect will it have on everyday commuters, on businesses including the private airport parking melbourne facilities, on the environment and the economy?

signageIf the city rail link indeed becomes operational, one effect is that it can help airport passengers and employees get a faster means of going to the airport. It is envisioned that the CBD to Tullmarine airport travel time via the city rail link is just 25 minutes. So, there’s no need to drive your car to the airport. More people can save not only on gas, but also on parking fees. Since there will be less motorists on the Tullamarine Freeway, which is currently the only route to the airport, the result is less traffic and parking congestion.

This is actually one of the reasons for the project – to decongest and cope with the increasing volume of travelers using the Melbourne airport. It’s currently estimated at 30 million every year and it will continue to rise to 40 million by the end of the decade. You can see ABS the population growth estimates fro Melbourne here.

There’s an environmental and economic advantage as well. Fewer vehicles on the road would mean less air pollution. And the easy access of transportation will draw in more passengers, thus increasing business opportunities for the airlines and other services.

However, this infrastructure has a drawback on some businesses. Everybody knows that the Melbourne airport car parking makes a lot of money. It was reported in 2014 that it made $120 million in revenue a year. If less people would be bringing their car to the airport and simply use the city rail link, then that would have an impact on the parking revenue of the airport.

facilityWe still don’t know how big the drop in income will be. Remember, there would still be people who prefer to drive their own car to the airport. They will be considering certain factors, such as the frequency of trips, travel time, the price of the fare, the easy handling and availability of baggage storage facilities. There’s also the question on how easy can the passenger get to the airport terminal itself.

So, for sure, some things will change when the city rail link is completed and becomes operational. We will just have to wait and see.

Will the Melbourne to Tullamarine Rail Link Ever Get Built?

railOn March 13, 2013, Premier Denis Napthine of the Victorian Liberal Government announced that sometime in the future, the Melbourne Airport Rail Link (MARL) would be constructed. It will be running from the CBD via Sunshine station and the Albion–Jacana railway line. Well, this plan of constructing a Melbourne to Tullamarine airport rail link has been debated since the 1960s, but nothing much has happened. Is this infrastructure really necessary? If it is, then why is it not yet built? What are the roadblocks in getting this project underway? Both Sydney and Brisbane have their airport rail link. Airports in other popular cities in the world, such as New York’s JFK and London’s Heathrow, have it. Does this mean that Melbourne needs this as well?

The 30 million travelers that use Melbourne Airport every year is expected to increase to hit 60 million in 2030. To cope with the demand, having a more efficient transportation system is definitely necessary. It is forecasted that the journey from the airport to the CBD and vice versa using the rail link is merely 25 minutes. That’s a dream worth pursuing for the sake of commuters, especially tourists.

So, why is it taking so long to build this system? Delays may be attributed to several factors.

Changes in political administration have led to the “go-no-go” decision about the project. Surely, there are different reasons for the opposition. The Transport Department, for example, says that it will affect or even scrap the current Metro Rail project that focuses on expanding capacity in the city loop. Now, unless the government exercises a strong political will and makes the necessary adjustments, the project will not push through.

Market research initially showed poor patronage of the airport rail lines in Sydney and Brisbane. What if the same predicament happens with the proposed Tullamarine airport rail line? Well, the government needs to look at the brighter side. Yes, Sydney and Brisbane initially struggled with attracting commuters, but now, the demand for using the airport rail links has grown and is turning in modest profits.

Who else would oppose this worthy project? Perhaps businesses that profit from providing services to commuters and motorists in this route, such as the Skybus Service and Transurban, the CityLink operator that is collecting toll fees. Having a rail link will most probably diminish their revenues. Even the annual revenues of the Melbourne airport parking facilities may be affected – both for the Melbourne airport operator and also the various private operators of melbourne airport parking nearby.

A budget of $8.5 billion to $11 billion is necessary to construct the Melbourne to Tullamarine airport rail link. The planned project start is in 2016 and completion is by 2026. Whether this is ever going to be built or not, the ball is in the hands of the present and succeeding governments.

The New Melbourne Airport Car Park Facilities – More Hip Pocket Pain for Travellers

car park at tulla

Frequent travelers that use the on-site Melbourne airport parking are already complaining about the sky high fees charged on using the facility. But they are up for more hip pocket pain as parking fees have just been recently adjusted in line with the planned introduction of more car park facilities improvements.

Currently, the airport car park is implementing several payment schemes for motorists as per the Melbourne airport website. Waiting in the Ring and Ride area for up to 20 minutes is free, but exceeding that time gets a charge of $4 for 40 minutes and $6 for 60 minutes. After an hour, the rate of $14 per hour applies, which is the same as leaving a car in the short-term and undercover parking areas at the official melbourne airport long term parking facility.

Usage of the short term park gets charged $57 per day and $125 for 3 days. The rate in the outdoor long term park is $39 per day and $69 for 3 days. Booking online for at least 24 hours prior to arrival time gets up to 50 percent savings on the fees paid.

The airport says that this pricing scheme is reasonable and is in line with the rates of other major airports in Australia. Besides, more improvements are on the way to better customer experience, such as the installation of directional signage, a new bay finding system in the short-term car park and more new buses for the long-term car parks.

Ever since the privatisation of the airport in 1994, almost a hundred million dollars have been spent on expanding the car parks to five with about 10,000 available parking spaces, which are all operational 24/7.

In 2014, a report showed that the airport’s annual revenue from parking fees alone was $120 million, which translates to about $330,000 of income per day. That is roughly equivalent to 20 percent of the airport’s total revenue.

It’s all right for the company to earn back what they have invested in infrastructure over the years and are spending on daily operations. But many motorists feel that this does not justify overpricing for tullamarine airport parking. The burden that they have to pay for using the facilities is just too much, don’t you agree?

10 Travel Tips for Your Next Holiday

travellerIf you’re due to travel for your next holiday, here are ten tips that you might like to remember, so you and your family can fully enjoy and be stress-free during your vacation.

1. Plan ahead
Don’t wait until the last minute to buy airline tickets or book in a hotel. Chances are you get to save more when you do those things early. You can buy tickets at cheaper prices and you can compare hotels or resorts and choose the one you like. If not done early, you might not be able to get a reservation because the place is already fully booked for the holiday.

2. Get travel insurance
There are certain unexpected things that can happen during your travel, such as injury, illness, loss of valuables and flight cancellations. If you and your family do not have insurance coverage, you will be left to pay for everything.

3. Pack as lightly as possible
Don’t bring a ton in your suitcase. Weigh your luggage at home so you don’t get charged additional baggage fee when it is in excess weight. Use vacuum bags to shrink clothing and fit them into your suitcase.

4. Secure your important documents and cash
Make a copy of important documents including your passport, visas, tickets, itinerary, travel insurance policy and IDs, and keep them in a safe place separate from the originals. Have some cash handy in your pocket or purse, but keep the others in odd places like inside your shoes or stitched to your undergarment.

5. Register with the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade
Avoid having your friends and family worry about you. Register your travel plans with Australia’s Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade to make it easy to find you and contact you in case of an emergency.

6. Be at the airport early so you don’t miss your flight
For sure, the airport is going to be busy during holidays. If you don’t want to get caught in the hustle and bustle, be there early.

7. Check-in online
If you want to skip the long queues at the Melbourne airport, you can go online, check in and print your own ticket. If this service is available for your flight, it is accessible 48 hours to 40 minutes prior to the scheduled departure.

8. Get off-site Melbourne airport parking
If you drive your car to the airport, get off-site parking to save on fees. You can either book ahead for valet parking or you can park it yourself and take a few minutes ride via shuttle bus to the airport terminal.

9. Get your flu shot
To be more or less sure that you won’t get sick during the holidays, get a flu shot for you and your family.

10. Keep your home safe while you’re away
Before leaving, don’t forget to take some safety precautions to keep your home safe. Ask a friend or neighbor to keep an eye on your house or notify the police who patrol the area. Unplug electrical appliances and use an automatic light switch timer to turn lights on and off.

Why is Discount Airport Car Parking So Important to Travelers?

Most people going on a business or vacation trip are always looking for ways to save on travel expenses. Some think it helps to save them some cash to simply use public transport to get to the airport or ask a friend or relative to drive them there. This avoids having to spend on airport car park fees, especially the ridiculous high price of on-site parking at the Melbourne and Sydney airports, which cost $12 and $15 per hour, respectively.

However, other travelers still prefer to bring their own car and leave it in a car park around the vicinity. This is because of the convenience of having an immediate ride home when they come back from their trip. They don’t have to wait for public transport or bother anyone to meet them especially during the wee hours.

car lotThus, alternative discount airport car parking plays an important role in providing travelers with options to cut this particular expense in half or even more. There are many off-site car park services that are situated very near the airport terminal and are just a few minutes ride by shuttle bus. Some shuttle services are even included free of charge for clients and are available 24/7, so there are no fear of delays in getting to the terminal in time.

One such facility that was one of the first in Tullamarine, is United Airport Parking. It has hundreds of secure undercover car parks that are monitored 24 hours a day.

Rates of these off-site car parks vary depending on whether the client chooses open air or undercover parking. The former, of course, costs a little less than the latter. Long term airport parking melbourne venues have special rates with higher discounts. The same is true if clients book earlier. So don’t simply drive in and park if you want to get a cheaper price.

There are other reasons why off-site car parking is advantageous. Aside from being secure and cheap, additional services, such as car washes, auto repair and body work, may be available. So, the client gets their car well taken care of while they are away on their trip.

Still another option for getting discounted airport parking melbourne rates is to look for smaller private car parks. There might be some business establishments around the area with extra space whose owners are willing to rent the space. The security of your car may be compromised though in these areas, unlike in the off-site car parks that have CCTVs and a security system in place.

Are Cellphone Lots a Necessity

guy sitting in parked carCellphone lots are found in half of the country’s largest airports, and many of the smaller airports furnish them too. They were created as a solution to security measures that prevent cars from parking curbside when picking up passengers. The unpredictable maneuvers of circling cars and the numerous passes required, make greeting an out of town guest, a harrowing task. Electing to use airport parking can be expensive and time consuming. In 2004, a few airports started designating locations where drivers could remain until they received a call from their party, signaling that they were ready for retrieval. Many airports currently offer this option as it seems the perfect measure for alleviating traffic congestion and improving safety.

Los Angeles International Airport and Seattle-Tacoma International Airport were among the first to build these lots. In Philadelphia and other metropolitan areas, people started parking on off ramps to avoid the continuous looping around the airport. Law enforcement started ticketing them. Now, Philadelphia International Airport provides a place for motorists to park safely and legally while awaiting their calls. Other cities have followed this example.

Some airport cellphone lots have extra amenities, such as Tampa International Airport with its food trucks, Wi-Fi, restrooms, and vending machines. Flight information displays are available at Phoenix Sky Harbor, Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport, and Portland International Airport. Melbourne Airport is looking to introduce these facilities, and it would make things a whole lot easier for melbourne airport parking options if they were to do so.

Whether outfitted with portable toilets or tire repair services, these sites are the perfect way to avoid fees incurred in the short term parking section. Most of these cellphone lots have time limits ranging from 30 minutes to an hour. Philadelphia International Airport and Los Angeles International Airport have no restrictions on waiting time.

Due to land constraints, some airports may not be able to expand their cellphone parking plans unless they consider a multi-tiered approach. While many cities continue to increase their capacity for this type of service, some do not provide it at all.

McCarran International Airport in Las Vegas still doesn’t offer this convenience but seems to compensate with reasonable, parking fees. Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport doesn’t have one either, and airport parking can be costly if flights are delayed because a parking slip must be taken upon entry into the facility.

Airports that don’t provide the option of a free place to wait for incoming travelers may be causing people to violate safe driving practices. While motoring around the airport, drivers are forced to use their cellphones. Parking in unusual places such as on ramps can be dangerous, and the erratic driving habits at airport entrances are worrying. Picking up a friend or colleague is safer and easier when one is provided with a place to wait. These lots are becoming something people expect and require.