Why is Discount Airport Car Parking So Important to Travelers?

Most people going on a business or vacation trip are always looking for ways to save on travel expenses. Some think it helps to save them some cash to simply use public transport to get to the airport or ask a friend or relative to drive them there. This avoids having to spend on airport car park fees, especially the ridiculous high price of on-site parking at the Melbourne and Sydney airports, which cost $12 and $15 per hour, respectively.

However, other travelers still prefer to bring their own car and leave it in a car park around the vicinity. This is because of the convenience of having an immediate ride home when they come back from their trip. They don’t have to wait for public transport or bother anyone to meet them especially during the wee hours.

car lotThus, alternative discount airport car parking plays an important role in providing travelers with options to cut this particular expense in half or even more. There are many off-site car park services that are situated very near the airport terminal and are just a few minutes ride by shuttle bus. Some shuttle services are even included free of charge for clients and are available 24/7, so there are no fear of delays in getting to the terminal in time.

One such facility that was one of the first in Tullamarine, is United Airport Parking. It has hundreds of secure undercover car parks that are monitored 24 hours a day.

Rates of these off-site car parks vary depending on whether the client chooses open air or undercover parking. The former, of course, costs a little less than the latter. Long term airport parking melbourne venues have special rates with higher discounts. The same is true if clients book earlier. So don’t simply drive in and park if you want to get a cheaper price.

There are other reasons why off-site car parking is advantageous. Aside from being secure and cheap, additional services, such as car washes, auto repair and body work, may be available. So, the client gets their car well taken care of while they are away on their trip.

Still another option for getting discounted airport parking melbourne rates is to look for smaller private car parks. There might be some business establishments around the area with extra space whose owners are willing to rent the space. The security of your car may be compromised though in these areas, unlike in the off-site car parks that have CCTVs and a security system in place.