The New Melbourne Airport Car Park Facilities – More Hip Pocket Pain for Travellers

car park at tulla

Frequent travelers that use the on-site Melbourne airport parking are already complaining about the sky high fees charged on using the facility. But they are up for more hip pocket pain as parking fees have just been recently adjusted in line with the planned introduction of more car park facilities improvements.

Currently, the airport car park is implementing several payment schemes for motorists as per the Melbourne airport website. Waiting in the Ring and Ride area for up to 20 minutes is free, but exceeding that time gets a charge of $4 for 40 minutes and $6 for 60 minutes. After an hour, the rate of $14 per hour applies, which is the same as leaving a car in the short-term and undercover parking areas at the official melbourne airport long term parking facility.

Usage of the short term park gets charged $57 per day and $125 for 3 days. The rate in the outdoor long term park is $39 per day and $69 for 3 days. Booking online for at least 24 hours prior to arrival time gets up to 50 percent savings on the fees paid.

The airport says that this pricing scheme is reasonable and is in line with the rates of other major airports in Australia. Besides, more improvements are on the way to better customer experience, such as the installation of directional signage, a new bay finding system in the short-term car park and more new buses for the long-term car parks.

Ever since the privatisation of the airport in 1994, almost a hundred million dollars have been spent on expanding the car parks to five with about 10,000 available parking spaces, which are all operational 24/7.

In 2014, a report showed that the airport’s annual revenue from parking fees alone was $120 million, which translates to about $330,000 of income per day. That is roughly equivalent to 20 percent of the airport’s total revenue.

It’s all right for the company to earn back what they have invested in infrastructure over the years and are spending on daily operations. But many motorists feel that this does not justify overpricing for tullamarine airport parking. The burden that they have to pay for using the facilities is just too much, don’t you agree?