off-site parks for long stays

The benefits of using an off-site Tullamarine airport long term parking facility are many and varied. Due to the large number of travelers coming through the airport, finding a car spot is often very difficult. Whatever park you do find can be extremely expensive due to the great demand for spaces. Many travelers are unaware that there is a much better option for car spaces near in Tullamarine.

Off site facilities offer a viable alternative to the overcrowded conditions and expensive costs of leaving your vehicle at the higher cost venues. This option provides adequate long term alternatives at reasonable prices. The following provides some insight into what off site alternatives offer and why it is becoming a popular choice for frequent travelers in meeting their long term parking needs.


Convenience is one of the biggest reasons why nearby facilities are rapidly gaining popularity with Melbourne travelers. Many of these sites are located fairly close to the terminal, making it easy to park your vehicle and then take a quick shuttle bus to the terminal in time to catch your plane.

To ensure you get a space at the time of travel, you can book in advance online and have it reserved for when you have need. Upon arrival, you will have a space waiting for you for the length of time you requested. This alternative takes the stress and pressure out of traveling. You can enjoy your travels knowing your vehicle is safe and sound within a secured area.


Many off site lots are open 24/7, every day of the year. With such availability, both domestic and international travelers alike all know they have full access to long term parking melbourne facilities anytime they need. If you plan to travel during a major holiday, you need not worry about your facility closing due to the holiday season. By choosing a location with 24/7/365 options, you are good to go any time you desire.

Travel Assistance

Choosing to park your vehicle in a facility outside the main area does not mean you are left on your own to struggle with your baggage as you search for suitable transport to the terminal. Many sites have attendants on hand ready to assist you with any of your luggage needs. In addition, most sites also provide courtesy shuttles for prompt and safe passage to to catch your flight.

Upon your return, the same shuttle service is available from the shuttle bus area back to the site to retrieve your vehicle. These on demand shuttles eliminate transport problems back and forth when you have need. By choosing a site close by, you can avoid unnecessary complications and delays.

Car Park Options

When you choose alternative Melbourne airport long term parking, you can take advantage of various car park options.