don’t overpay for car spaces

One of the most difficult things about going away is getting a ride to catch your flight. But, you do not have to worry about that. Simply drive your own car and use the off-site Melbourne airport parking areas. Long term or short term, it is affordable and easy.

You do not have to stress about whether someone will pick you up on time, or whether he or she will remember to pick you up upon your arrival home. Your own car will be waiting for you. Most spaces here are covered, protecting your automobile from the weather. It is secure and safe.

Cost effective for any length of trip

Whether you will be gone for only a day, or a week, or longer, this is really an easy solution and a cost effective one. Check out the pricing and you will see, this will not add much expense to your trip and is probably far more affordable than if you were to take a cab or other means of public transport while worrying about being on time for your flight.

If you park off-site, it is still close to the terminals. You can take the courtesy bus from the lot to your terminal and vice versa. Buses run daily, 24 hours each day. There is an abundance of spots, so you do not need to reserve space ahead of time. You will find a free one when you arrive.

Our prices are MUCH cheaper

Larger spaced disabled spaces are available. The courtesy buses are also equipped to handle special needs. If you are in a hurry you can use the express lot, which does cost a little more. But, it is closest to a few of the gates with quick and easy access. When you travel, there is no need to depend on someone else. You can simply drive at your own convenience and use the parking available to you. It is cost effective and convenient.

Parking at Melbourne Airport sometimes becomes a nightmare. It can be costly to park at the official venue regardless of whether it is for a short or long-term. To avoid the hassles of finding a spot at the actual transport hub, parking conveniently nearby provides you with great facilities at an economic cost.

Easy to park – and get our shuttle bus to the terminal

Situated only a short distance away, these private lots are convenient for everyone arriving or departing from their gate lounge. It only takes a few short minutes for our courtesy shuttle buses to get you to your flight gate – and they leave and arrive every few minutes. You can drive up to the security gates of these yards, and after paying the fees, you are able to get inside and choose the spot. After locking the car, you can just walk up to the terminal. However, if you have heavy luggage, you can ride the courtesy buses that drive between the car park areas and the terminal building. Whether it is a short trip or a long one, you need not worry about your car. You have the choice of leaving your car on either a short-term or long-term basis at these private car parks.

Features of the facility

The prime advantage of leaving your car near the Melbourne Airport is the cost, which compared to parking at the actual hub, is not exorbitant. You will find there are always lots of spaces and the facility is clean and well lit. The private areas are well-planned with wider aisles to make it more convenient to access your car. The attendants are courteous, and their customer service is outstanding. You have the choice of undercover and outdoor options, both at a minimum cost and with maximum service. The security of your car is 100% guaranteed, so you can remain oblivious of your car when on your trip. At some establishments, there are floors to accommodate cars of various sizes and categories. At our facility each floor is colored differently to help you to remember the bay where you have left your car.